Sound of Metal

Trai vari premi di settore che costellano la stagione dei premi a Hollywood, anche i CAS Awards ricoprono un ruolo importante e di prestigio per quello che riguarda le categorie relative al suono e al missaggio al cinema e in tv.

Ecco di seguito le nominations ai CAS Awards 2021:


Production Mixer: David Wyman CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Michael Minkler CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Christian Minkler CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Richard Kitting
Re-Recording Mixer: Beau Borders CAS
Scoring Mixer: Greg Hayes
Foley Mixer: George A. Lara CAS

Production Mixer: Drew Kunin
Re-Recording Mixer: Ren Klyce
Re-Recording Mixer: David Parker
Re-Recording Mixer: Nathan Nance
Scoring Mixer: Alan Meyerson CAS
ADR Mixer: Charleen Richards-Steeves
Foley Mixer: Scott Curtis

News of the World
Production Mixer: John Patrick Pritchett CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Mike Prestwood Smith
Re-Recording Mixer: William Miller
Scoring Mixer: Shawn Murphy
ADR Mixer: Mark DeSimone CAS
Foley Mixer: Adam Fil Méndez CAS

Sound of Metal
Production Mixer: Phillip Bladh CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Nicolas Becker
Re-Recording Mixer: Jaime Baksht
Re-Recording Mixer: Michelle Couttolenc
ADR Mixer: Carlos Cortez Navarrette
Foley Mixer: Kari Vähäkuopus

The Trial of the Chicago 7
Production Mixer: Thomas Varga CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Julian Slater CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Michael Babcock CAS
Scoring Mixer: Daniel Pemberton
ADR Mixer: Justin W. Walker
Foley Mixer: Kevin Schultz


A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon
Dialogue & ADR Mixer: Dom Boucher
Re-Recording Mixer: Chris Burdon
Re-Recording Mixer: Gilbert Lake
Re-Recording Mixer: Adrian Rhodes
Scoring Mixer: Alan Meyerson CAS
Foley Mixer: Ant Bayman

Original Dialogue Mixer: Vincent Caro CAS
Original Dialogue Mixer: Doc Kane CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Michael Semanick CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Juan Peralta
Scoring Mixer: Brad Haehnel
Foley Mixer: Scott Curtis

Original Dialogue Mixer: Vincent Caro CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Ren Klyce
Re-Recording Mixer: David Parker
Scoring Mixer: Atticus Ross
Scoring Mixer: David Boucher CAS
ADR Mixer: Bobby Johanson CAS
Foley Mixer: Scott Curtis

The Croods: A New Age
Original Dialogue Mixer: Tighe Sheldon
Re-Recording Mixer: Christopher Scarabosio CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Leff Lefferts
Scoring Mixer: Alan Meyerson CAS
Foley Mixer: Richard Duarte
Foley Mixer: Scott Curtis

Trolls World Tour
Original Dialogue Mixer: Tighe Sheldon
Re-Recording Mixer: Scott Millan CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Paul Hackner
Scoring Mixer: Christopher Fogel CAS
Foley Mixer: Randy K. Singer CAS


David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet
Re-Recording Mixer: Graham Wild
Scoring Mixer: Gareth Cousins CAS

My Octopus Teacher
Re-Recording Mixer: Barry Donnelly
Foley Mixer: Charl Mostert

The Bee Gees: How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
Re-Recording Mixer: Gary A. Rizzo CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Jeff King

The Social Dilemma
Production Mixer: Mark A. Crawford
Re-Recording Mixer: Scott R. Lewis
Scoring Mixer: Mark Venezia
Foley Mixer: Jason Butler

Production Mixer: Monty Buckles
Re-Recording Mixer: Marty Zub CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Lon Bender


American Horror Story: 1984 Ep. 9 Final Girl
Production Mixer: Alex Altman
Re-Recording Mixer: Joe Earle CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Doug Andham CAS
ADR Mixer: Judah Getz CAS
Foley Mixer: Jacob McNaughton

Fargo: Ep. 7 East/West
Production Mixer: J.T. Mueller CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Jeffrey Perkins
Re-Recording Mixer: Josh Eckberg
Scoring Mixer: Michael Perfitt
ADR Mixer: Matt Hovland
Foley Mixer: Randy Wilson

Lovecraft Country: Ep. 1 Sundown
Production Mixer – Amanda Beggs CAS
Re-Recording Mixer – Marc Fishman CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Mathew Waters CAS
Scoring Mixer: Brad Hacknell
ADR Mixer: Miguel Araujo
Foley Mixer: Brett Voss CAS

The Queen’s Gambit: Ep. 4 Middle Game
Production Mixer: Roland Winke
Re-Recording Mixer: Eric Hoehn CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Eric Hirsch
Re-Recording Mixer: Leo Marcil
Scoring Mixer: Lawrence Manchester

Watchmen: Ep. 6 This Extraordinary Being
Production Mixer: Doug Axtell
Re-Recording Mixer: Joseph DeAngelis CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Chris Carpenter
Scoring Mixer: Atticus Ross
ADR Mixer: Judah Getz CAS
Foley Mixer: Antony Zeller CAS


Better Call Saul: Ep. 8 Bagman
Production Mixer: Phillip W. Palmer CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Larry B. Benjamin CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Kevin Valentine
ADR Mixer: Chris Navarro CAS
Foley Mixer: Stacey Michaels CAS

Ozark: Ep. 10 All In
Production Mixer: Filipe Borrero CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Larry B. Benjamin CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Kevin Valentine
Scoring Mixer: Phil McGowan CAS
ADR Mixer: Chris Navarro CAS
Foley Mixer: Amy Barber

The Crown: S4, Ep. 1 Gold Stick
Production Mixer: Chris Ashworth
Re-Recording Mixer: Lee Walpole
Re-Recording Mixer: Stuart Hilliker CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Martin Jensen
ADR Mixer: Gibran Farrah
Foley Mixer: Catherine Thomas

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: S3, Ep. 8 A Jewish Girl Walks Into the Apollo…
Production Mixer: Mathew Price CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Ron Bochar CAS
Scoring Mixer: Stewart Lerman
ADR Mixer: David Boulton
Foley Mixer: George A. Lara CAS

Westworld: S3, Ep. 4 The Mother of Exiles
Production Mixer: Geoffrey Patterson CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Keith A. Rogers CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Benjamin L. Cook
Scoring Mixer: Ramin Djawadi


Dead to Me: Ep. 201 You Know What You Did
Production Mixer: Steven Michael Morantz CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Brad Sherman CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Alexander Gruzdev
ADR Mixer: Jason Oliver

Modern Family: Ep.1118 Finale Part 1
Production Mixer: Stephen A. Tibbo CAS
Production Mixer: Srdjan Popovic
Re-Recording Mixer: Dean Okrand CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Brian Harman CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Peter Bawiec
ADR MIXER: Matt Hovland
Foley Mixer: David Michael Torres CAS

Ted Lasso: Ep. 110 The Hope that Kills You
Production Mixer: David Lascelles AMPS
Re-Recording Mixer: Ryan Kennedy
Re-Recording Mixer: Sean Byrne
ADR Mixer: Brent Findley
ADR Mixer: Marilyn Morris
Scoring Mixer: George Murphy
Foley Mixer: Jordan McClain

The Mandalorian: Ep. 102 Chapter 2: The Child
Production Mixer: Shawn Holden CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Bonnie Wild
Re-Recording Mixer: Stephen Urata
Scoring Mixer: Christopher Fogel CAS
ADR Mixer: Matthew Wood
Foley Mixer: Blake Collins CAS

The Mandalorian: Ep. 205 Chapter 13: The Jedi
Production Mixer: Shawn Holden CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Stephen Urata
Re-Recording Mixer: Bonnie Wild
Scoring Mixer: Christopher Fogel CAS
ADR Mixer: Matthew Wood
Foley Mixer: Jason Butler


Beastie Boys Story
Production Mixer: Jacob Feinberg
Production Mixer: William Tzouris
Re-Recording Mixer: Martyn Zub CAS

Bruce Springsteen’s Letter to You
Production Mixer: Brad Bergbom
Re-Recording Mixer: Kevin O’Connell CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Kyle Arzt
Music Mixer: Bob Clearmountain

Production Mixer: Justin Rathbun
Re-Recording Mixer: Tony Volante
Re-Recording Mixer: Rob Fernandez
Re-Recording Mixer: Tim Latham

Laurel Canyon: A Place in Time Ep. 1
Re-Recording Mixer: Gary A. Rizzo CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Stephen Urata
Re-Recording Mixer: Danielle Dupre
Re-Recording Mixer: Tony Villaflor
Scoring Mixer: Dave Lynch

NASA & SpaceX: Journey to The Future
Production Mixer – Erik Clabeaux
Re-Recording Mixer: Michael Keeley CAS


DPA Microphones, Inc.
DPA 4097 CORE Micro Shotgun Mic

Lectrosonics, Inc.
DCR822 Dual Channel Digital Audio receiver

Shure Incorporated
Axient AD3

Sound Devices, LLC
CL-16 Linear Fader Control Surface for 8-Series

Sound Devices, LLC
Sound Devices Noise Assist


Evercast, LLC

Focusrite PLC
RedNet R1

iZotope, Inc.

The Cargo Cult

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